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Now the company has released a touch-optimized beta version of Word, Excel and PowerPoint for Android word apk. But Microsoft is working on expanding it further, specifically to Intel-powered tablets. But Microsoft has brought the most commonly-used features in the desktop version of the program over to the Android tablet touch-optimized offering.

You can format your text, insert objects word apk as pictures, text boxes and linkschange the layout, track changes and перейти на страницу viewing options. With the last option, the word apk to switch between read and edit view is источник highlight, as Word is not just about creating and editing documents, but also about consuming them. The read option borrows from the Kindle by allowing you to change the background of your documents from the traditional white to sepia or black for night view.

If you have the OneDrive app on your tablet it automatically syncs the data you can add both personal and business accounts. You can also add Dropbox or your SharePoint site, as well as opening documents stored locally on your device. Documents can then also be saved посмотреть больше the cloud again in any of these locations. One really important feature that is missing at the moment is the ability to collaborate with others on the same document - something that is included in Google Docs. Manipulating images is a это mortal kombat 5 apk process.

Firstly, not all pictures can be uploaded. The reason for this is not apparent, word apk it seemed to be word apk to the device location I tried to upload them from. Then there are no image editing options - all you can do is move the image and resize it. Word-processing dominance beckons Considering that Word for Android tablets is only a preview version it has a large amount of features already more than Google Docs and is pretty bug-free. Although there is much work still to источник статьи done to configure it word apk different sized tablets running on Intel with different versions of the Android operating systems.

Given that it sports a familiar look and feel to the desktop version основываясь на этих данных with alterations to suit a touch screen, Microsoft has a good chance of getting a foothold посмотреть еще the market in a similar way to its dominance in the desktop word processing market.

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