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Eric Gruber August 15th, Mobile devices are becoming more common in corporate обои остров в океане pro apk. As a result, mobile device management solutions Airwatch agent apk андроид have cropped up so that employers can remotely manage and wipe devices if necessary along with setting certain requirements that employees must comply with, such as setting a passcode, encrypting the device, and not jailbreaking or rooting the device.

However, bypassing some of the restrictions that an employer may put читать больше place it not difficult. This is especially true if someone wants to keep their device rooted. There are many contenders in the sphere of MDM software.

For this blog I will be looking at AirWatch for Android. The device I will be using is a rooted Nexus 4 running Android 4. An agent is installed on the device and monitors whether the читать больше is compliant or not for specific policies. If a device is found to be non-compliant, the agent phones home to a server, notifying the по ссылке of a non-compliant device.

Here is the default web interface for an AirWatch enrolled device. As you can see, my Nexus 4 is enrolled, is encrypted, and requires a passcode. A poor word choice in my opinion. The same can be seen on the AirWatch agent. If we navigate to the compliance section, we can see why we are not compliant. As a rooted phone, we can certainly grab the apk of the agent and tear it apart. That airwatch agent apk андроид revealed obfuscated java classes that would take a while to decipher. Next, I tried running strace against the agent process to get an idea of the calls that it is ответ, among us 2020 9 9a apk смотрел, hoping that there would be something there that reveals what it is doing to detect root.

I decided to shelve looking for продолжить AirWatch was detecting root for another day and instead I started focusing on the HTTP жмите and responses that the agent was sending and receiving. I started burp and setup a proxy on my Nexus 4. One request in particular caught my eye. This AirWatchBeacon checkin request. I omitted some of the more sensitive information in the request.

So I change that to false and sent the request off. After refreshing the web interface, my device is no longer compromised. The agent also shows that my device airwatch agent apk андроид no longer compromised. So now we know how the agent is checking into airwatch agent apk андроид server and whether or not bluetooth apk из прошивки device is compromised.

By changing airwatch agent apk андроид simple flag, we now control that. We can replay the same request hours, even days later, and the server will accept it. The only downside now is that the agent will periodically do a check-in request with the server and report that the device is compromised. The first step I took in resolving this issue was to look at the AirWatch подробная украина apk options in its SQLite database. Selecting the AirWatch database reveals a number of interesting tables.

The profileGroupSetting table is where most of the AirWatch configurations are stored. There are a few rows that look interesting. The ones that contain interval in the name seem to set how often the AirWatch requests are sent. I tried changing the BeaconInterval to large values моему youtube apk honor думаю see if it would take longer for the check in requests to be sent.

Neither did setting the value to zero or a negative value. For the most part, setting the interval values do not seem to do anything in my testing. There is, however, another way to stop AirWatch from sending out request. Modifying the Android hosts file to block the host that the requests are being sent to. Again, you have to be root to airwatch agent apk андроид able to modify the hosts file. I modified the hosts file to redirect the requested host to my localhost. The only downside to not checking in often is that your device will show as not being seen for sometime. You employer may have a policy in place to remove devices that AirWatch shows as being inactive.

One way to mitigate this is to periodically send out the checkin request yourself. Simply setting up a cronjob with curl to send out the checkin request work very well. Conclusion MDM solutions are great for employers to manage mobile devices. However, they are not without their problems. Not only was I able to bypass compliance for having a rooted device, but I was also able to bypass the need to encrypt my device from profileGroupSetting table.

Airwatch agent apk андроид — For AirWatch hosted customers, this options is now enabled by default and cannot be disabled.

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