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Get Android Studio 3. По этой ссылке you need to download a recent version of Android Studio, you can do so here. This is why your compileSdkVersion needs to be at least "29". To follow the codelab, open the root android shared apk with Android Studio. Note: In direct-share-start the code for each step in this codelab is included, commented out between TODO statements. You should compare the code you write to the included commented-out code.

Running on a real device or an emulator with Android Q читать больше fine. If you run direct-share-start-app, the Share screen MainActivity. Tapping on Share will trigger an Intent to the system and android shared apk system Intent dialog chooser will appear. Select contact screen SelectContactActivity. Notice that the user has to select the app, not a specific contact.

Send message screen SendMessageActivity. The app will display a Toast as a signal that the message was sent. Start with the direct-share-start sub-project. Publish прощения, aida64 apk на русском быть shortcuts with matching categories to the declared share-targets with the ShortcutManager API. You can open and see it. Data element in share-target is aurora store apk to the data specification in an intent filter. Each share-target can have multiple associated categories, will be solely used to match published shortcuts of an android shared apk with its share е тв apk definitions.

Categories can be any arbitrary string. Internally, the framework will match the category of the sharing shortcut with the category given in the на этой странице resource of the app. The target class will handle the apk house of взломанную Intent. The shortcuts. MAIN action and the android. Update the AndroidManifest. Open the AndroidManifest. The sharing shortcuts are persisted in the system until they are updated by the same application or the application привожу ссылку uninstalled.

Https:// will need to источник статьи update the list of shortcuts every time you consider it appropriate e. The API offers methods to update, remove or add shortcuts. Note: Interactions with the ShortcutManager should happen on a background thread. In the codelab, we use ShortcutManagerCompat available in AndroidX to publish shortcuts since it provides backwards compatibility down to Android M.

Use it in your project by adding the androidx:core dependency to your project. Using the compatibility library in AndroidX is the preferred method since it also provides backwards compatibility on older Android shared apk versions. Currently only dynamic shortcuts are supported for publishing direct share targets. Every time that the user opens the app i. You can see how we interact with it in the MainActivity class: MainActivity. All the shortcuts that we create in this codelab are of the same type. And the type has to match with what we defined previously in the shortcuts. If you open SharingShortcutsManager. Uncomment the code in Step 6 that creates shortcuts and adds them to the list of shortcuts that will get published by the ShortcutManagerCompat.

We will go through the code in more detail in this section. For the simplicity of the sample, we always add the same first four contacts that are defined in the Contact. If you open it, you can see we create an array with ten ссылка на подробности and methods to retrieve them. Shortcut limitations The app only нажмите для продолжения four shortcuts due to shortcut limitations.

The app will crash. You can find more information about why here. In the uncommented code, we create a shortcut using the ShortcutInfoCompat. This makes use of the traditional Builder pattern. It takes a Context object as a parameter which in android shared apk case is the Activity that calls this method and a String id. The id parameter is important since it will identify this shortcut when the target activity продолжить чтение the sharing intent.

In our case, the id will be the Contact Id which is represented by the position it occupies in the array. Builder context, Integer. The intent defined in the ShortcutInfoCompat builder is triggered only if the shortcut is opened as a static shortcut. This is important to understand to avoid confusion in the future. This field is required for shortcuts that are android shared apk to be used share targets.

To assign the category we created before, use the following method: ShortcutInfoCompat. This is used for better understanding of user behavior across different apps, and help potential prediction services in the Android framework to provide better suggestions in the chooser dialog. Adding Person info to a shortcut is optional, but strongly recommended. Note нажмите чтобы перейти not all share targets can be associated with a person e. Now that we have four sharing targets in the array, we can publish them using android shared apk ShortcutManagerCompat.

Uncomment Step 7 from the SharingShortcutsManager. The following intent will be triggered: Action: Intent. Apart from that, the activity also needs to define that is handling that type of Intents in the AndroidManifest. When it starts, it checks the information received in the Intent. It will android shared apk the contact selected information in the onActivityResult method.

Running the App At this point, we can run the app with Steps 1, 2 and 3 uncommented. Yandex apk that we need to run the по этому сообщению at least once if we want the sharing shortcuts to be available.

Choosing the app in the chooser dialog As explained above, if we choose our app to receive the shared text, the user is prompted to select a contact. After selecting the contact, the user can send the shared message. Check windows 10 method handleIntent in Страница to see how it is implemented. Посмотреть больше Share was first introduced in Android M where you had to implement a service extending ChooserTargetService to provide direct share targets on demand.

If we run the app on android shared apk device with API levelwe can see that the app is listed as an option but there are no direct как сообщается здесь We have already mentioned backwards compatibility in previous sections when introducing the ShortcutManagerCompat available in AndroidX. There you can see some AndroidX dependencies related to Android shared apk Share. As before, the core dependency includes ShortcutManagerCompat, and android shared apk sharetarget dependency will implement the ChooserTargetServiceCompat service which enables it to work on older Android versions.

If you are implementing this in your project, you need these dependencies or newer. Uncomment Step 8 to include the service for the backwards compatibility feature. ChooserTargetServiceCompat values are static and always the same. With those steps, Direct Share is now backwards compatible. The preview can have a title, image, or both. No additional fields are needed. To get proper image preview, please also provide the contentUri in the clipData, as the Intent.

When sharing text The previous way of adding a title to the shared content is deprecated. You need to pass the title as an Intent extra using Intent. Open Фильмы apk. Uncomment Step 9. To add a thumbnail to the title, create a content URI with the image you want to display. Set the Https:// with the Intent. In android shared apk still in the 14 apk method, uncomment Step 9.

The contentResolver needs access to the folder that we just declared. To do that: Open the AndroidManifest. This will define a FileProvider what will be able to create and share the content Uri safely. Read more about FileProvider and Content Uri here. If you run the app on an Android 10 device, you can see a thumbnail image android shared apk to the title.

The thumbnail will appear as long as the shared content has a title. There are some improvements that you can make to your code. This больше на странице an optional step that you can try on your own: Modify the intent that gets triggered when the user taps on a launcher shortcut so that it opens the SendMessageActivity with a contact already populated.

Tips: The intent needs to be of взято отсюда Intent. Modify SendMessageActivity to process the new Intent. In this codelab android shared apk learned about: How to implement Android shared apk Share in your app How to make Direct Share backwards compatible with older Android versions How to show content preview in shared content.

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