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Older versions Advertisement AnTuTu Нажмите чтобы перейти is a benchmarking tool for Android smartphones and ссылка на страницу, that lets you check the performance of your device. Also, it is very useful if you are thinking of downloading games with antutu apk performance graphics.

The AnTuTu Antutu apk tests are divided into three phases. In the first, the application will check the performance of antutu apk RAM on your device, through a series of continuous data streams that will test the endurance of your device. In the second phase, AnTuTu Benchmark will simply verify how your Android terminal handles two-dimensional graphics. What it will do, is fill your screen with pixelated figures and gta sa cleo apk how the device endures.

In the third, and last phase, which is читать статью most tough, AnTuTu Benchmark will check the endurance of your device with 3D graphics. For this, like a benchmark for a PC, you antutu apk see a 3D sequence. AnTuTu Benchmark is a very useful tool to check the performance of your device, and will allow you to know if you can move a game or something else to your device.

At the end of its app was redesigned with the release of version 6.

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