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Add to Wishlist Install Video Live Wallpaper is a blank live wallpaper that allows больше информации to set your own video as a live wallpaper animation! How about a music video? Or why not an entire movie? Many codecs and formats are supported. Choices are almost limitless. Video Live Wallpaper is a tool that allow you to set your memorial video or any video as Live Wallpaper. You can pause your video any time by double click on playing video and it will apk живые обои activated as your wallpaper.

This apk живые обои is optimized for less battery consumption, still if you think video is consuming more battery juice, than you can pause читать далее on your favourite scene and it will become your static wallpaper. One last thing: this is a live wallpaper and as such, puts no icon to your home screen or app drawer. Visit your wallpaper settings to use увидеть больше live wallpaper.

On most devices, the wallpaper menu can be accessed by pressing the menu button when on a home screen, or by long-touching apk живые обои empty part of a home screen. If you are having technical issues or have any questions on this app you can email взято отсюда on karthikkumar gmail.

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