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The game continues cnaf apk put the surviving skill of the players to a test when giving them further cnaf apk challenges to conquer. Just prepare yourself then jump into the action! The storyline of the second installment in FNaF series is different from the former chapter. After working 5 terrible nights, the previous night watchman has just приведу ссылку transferred to the day shift, and you are the perfect one for the night job position.

You come back to the restaurant with the hope of completing the job for getting paid, however, you have no clues that the animatronics are still there waiting for a chance to kill you again. This time, they become much more advanced, making it more difficult to fend them off. They are not normal animatronics anymore! You will face off against some Toy animatronics with adorable appearances but evil personalities. As the night worker at the restaurant, your main job is to watch cnaf apk the entire building, check all the corners using the security cameras. You must track нажмите чтобы прочитать больше movements of the animatronics that keep roaming the building at night and trying to kill you.

You should put on the mask quickly to scare them away before they realize you. Make sure you cnaf apk the lights carefully, always check the two side doors, use the flashlight wisely to light up some dark spots around you. The main goal here is перейти на страницу overcome five nights at freddy s apk creepy nights to become the winner!

Features You come across many Toy animatronics rather than the original ones. There are six new animatronics in the second chapter. Installing the game with the APK file on your mobile cnaf apk enables you to enjoy the game smoothly, and you can experience all in-game features винлайн apk cnaf apk some special features brought to you by the APK file.

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