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Love the contact apk It at helped my wife and I assemble a local CE5 group with its contact feature. Please contact apk it! Despite it being one of the most expensive being offered I felt it was a good investment. I have been sadly disappointed with it. The only feature that I can not find for myself for free is the community networking portion which is the single most useful part of the app. Sadly it is supersu 2 82 apk very user friendly or very used. It has no community or group feature to взято отсюда. I had such high hopes and think anyone that purchased this app did as well.

Entering this time we need each other and need community support. Of all the apps available this should be offering more than it does. Gravely disappointed when there are notifications of updates that are minimal in change. After having owned it for months and checking frequently to see new content nothing significant has changed. Нажмите чтобы увидеть больше feels like a rip Developer ResponseHi Southernsibe - a few points: 1 we just issued a new version of the app with several updates.

That said, we are into how to make things easier for users along contact apk lines. However, I never received a verification email and now that my email has been used in the registration process it will not allow me to register with another user name. Unfortunately, the only app support appears to be a link to the main CE5 page. There is nothing on any of больше информации pages that provide help or support.

I was very excited to get this contact apk fired up, but contact apk now very disappointed both in the fact that I cannot register and that there appears to be no help or recourse to get my money back. No Details Provided The developer will be required to contact apk privacy details when they submit their next app update.

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