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Full path to an already expanded base image. If exe to apk, a log file temporary location will be created. This switch should be present alongside the switch -MakeAppx. The result is a validation report "VerifyReport. Use this flag only if продолжить чтение want to make these registrations available to other applications. Review this article to make sure that your COM registrations behave as you expect after you package your app. Another way is to sign your application with a certificate.

If you use the sign exe to apk, the Desktop App Converter will generate one for you, and then sign your application with it. That file is named auto-generated. Follow these steps to install the generated certificate, and then run your app. Double-click the auto-generated. In the Certificate dialog box, choose the Install Certificate button. In the Certificate Import Wizard, install the certificate onto the Local Machine, and place the certificate into the Trusted People certificate store. In root folder of your нажмите сюда app, double click the Windows app package exe to apk. Install the app, by choosing the Посетить страницу button.

In most cases, you can just repackage your application by using the MakeAppx tool and the appxmanifest. See Generate a Windows app package. If you modify any of the visual assets of your app, generate a new Package Resource Index file, and then run the MakeAppx tool to generate a new package. Note If you make changes to registry settings that your installer makes, you will have to run the Desktop App Converter again to pick up those changes.

The following two sections describe a exe to apk of optional fix-ups to the packaged application that you might consider. Delete unnecessary files and registry keys The desktop App Converter takes a very conservative approach to filtering out files and system noise in the container. You can also review the contents of Reg. You agree to comply with all applicable provisions of the Exe to apk Privacy Statement. By default, telemetry will be enabled for the Desktop App Converter. To enable telemetry, remove the key or set the value to 0.

If that does not work, please send us your logs at converter microsoft. New-ContainerNetwork: The object already exists error You might receive this error when you setup a new base image. This can happen if you have a Windows Insider flight on a developer machine that previously had the Desktop App Converter installed. To resolve this issue, try running the command Netsh int ipv4 reset from перейти elevated command prompt, and then reboot your machine. To resolve this issue, try using your architecture-specific desktop installer 32 bit or 64 bit to generate a Exe to apk app package. During process activation context creation, these assemblies are retrieved by a system process named CSRSS.

When this is done for a converted process, activation context читать статью and module loading of these assemblies will fail. That said, Inbox assemblies, like ComCtl, are shipped with the OS, so taking a dependency on them is safe. Error found in XML.

EXE extension. To resolve this issue, try specifying the -AppExecutable exe to apk when you package, and use the lower case ". Alternately you can change the casing for all executables in your application from uppercase to lowercase For example: from. EXE to. Corrupted or malformed Authenticode signatures This section contains details on how to identify issues with Portable Executable PE files in your Windows app package that may contain corrupted or malformed Authenticode signatures. Invalid Authenticode signatures on your PE files, which may be in any binary format e. During signature verification, the information specified in these structures is used to locate the signature on a PE file.

If these values get corrupted then it is possible exe to apk a exe to apk to appear to be invalidly signed. Note that SignTool. Читать больше fix these malformed binaries, ensure they conform to the requirements above. Next steps Find answers to как сообщается здесь questions Have questions?

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