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Galactic Plague. Add your questions or answers Q: How to get the best score? Q: What is your strategy? Рептилии video. About the application: X-Core. Galactic Plague is a really challenging tactic for Android device. Take side of alien invaders and attack earthlings with the mini galactic core pro apk mechanics like in Plague or Pandemic. Try yourself. War versus earthlings. Galactic Plague is a true fight.

A place fight depicting a clash of alien civilizations and earthlings. There have always been fights, but this fight you will galactic core pro apk forget. Like the plague, galaxy invaders will attack the earth and leave only a fallout wasteland after them. Aliens are что vivacut pro mod apk новая версия тоже as never before! So they have to prepare their primitive weapons, missiles, tanks — everything that can assist them survive this clash.

Large make batter trees enable you to evolve in the middle of your invasion company. Aliens versus. Earthlings — a banal theme for any film, mini game, whether hd video box apk or action. A banal theme turned upside down that will create you feel as a leader of an alien invasion troops. X-files will not assist earthlings, XCOM will not save earthlings. They will be either dead or enslaved. Forward, my place general! Lead your troops to win! Be the plague, be the epidemic, evolve, slay, conquer!

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galactic core pro apk
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galactic core pro apk
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