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Gallery apk for Android

The description of Gallery Gallery is an excellent, gallery apk app for gallery apk your photos. Password-protect your photos, organize them, display them slide-show style, share photos gallery apk email or social networks. Its pixel gallery app. You are able to add albums to the Favorites and sort them by name or date.

With Gallery HD you will be able to display images to посмотреть еще your entire screen. This way those ugly black edges will be eliminated. You can use the pinch-to-zoom gesture or zoom buttons to get more detailed view. This is the photos gallery doctor. Photos is where all the amazing photos you take with your Android.

По этому адресу your best shots even better on this Android photos app. Search for specific people, places and events. Get intelligent search suggestions. Photos spaces app. Gallery makes sharing pictures a pleasure while viewing slide shows with comments from friends and family. Curated just for you. Get a beautiful look at every day, month and year. Time stamp and location information included in Exif data along with the original file name are available.

In addition, data imported into the app will be backed up online using Google Cloud if you want! Gallery Источник статьи can смотрите подробнее its app images and keep your privacy absolutely safe.

Gallery upgrade with this android gallery apk. Gallery is smart gallery, format galleries, collection Gallery with this android gallery. It permits you to scroll through your files quickly, and sort them in various order like date, size, name, etc. You can change the interval timing, sequencing, and how the image is displayed gallery apk screen or in Galleries settings.

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