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When you defeat a beast, you should get material from every beast, хентай apk just some of them, it annoys me and my whole alliance. Developer ResponseThanks! We hope you will like our future improvements! I enjoy the buildup aspect of this game quite a bit. The graphics are good and the dev has included a ton of free power ups to be used to level up if you keep up with the free gifts from the boat. My main issue is that there needs to be some sort читать далее leveling system in place for the gameplay to be fair across the board.

Someone that far перейти на источник you should not be able to страница you and gain so much for so little work. They should only хентай apk able to хентай apk within a certain power range and expect to get rewarded. Attack to far below your power and rewards should start falling off. Like they should only be able to take a small percentage of your resources but someone closer to your own power can take more from you and vice versa.

I will keep playing for now but this aspect of game play needs to change in order to make the game more fair and balanced. Developer ResponseХентай apk for your feedback! Thank you! Fantastic game so far! Developer ResponseThank you for your support! No Details Provided The developer will be required to provide privacy details when they submit хентай apk next app update.

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