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Among Us is a multiplayer social deduction game, the game take place in space-themed settings. The Skeld is the most popular map of the game. Max 10 Players can play in a lobby and impostor mod apk host can choose how many impostors they want in a game, 3 is the ace stream mod apk limit of Impostor per game. Among Us is a game ссылка на страницу mistrust, misdirection, betrayal, and paranoia. The gameplay apk россия Among Us is pretty simple and straightforward, The Crewmates have to identify and eliminate all the impostors or complete all tasks to win a game, For Impostors, they have to kill all crewmate or sabotage a critical system such as O2 and Reactors, if crewmates unable to solve critical sabotage in the given time limit, the Impostors will win the game.

Players can play in one of impostor mod apk three maps, The game has many Cosmetic things impostor mod apk players character such as colours, hats, pets, and skins. Each game lobby has one host which can change game settings such as numbers of Impostors and crewmates, game tasks, visions, Impostors Kill Cooldown and Ссылка на продолжение, Decision and voting time, numbers of emergency meetings, and many more.

The Host can also kick or ban players. Anyone can create a lobby and have the ability to set it public or private. You can also create a local WiFi Lobby to play with friends нажмите для продолжения family. You жмите сюда also play in Freeplay mode which is offline to practice your strategies. Among Us Mod Apk has a stylish menu which you can use to control the mod features. You can use узнать больше mod menu to impostor mod apk the mod feature on and off, use impostor mod apk to change speed as your liking.

Keep автором мегафон личный кабинет apk плохо to know more about the mod feature. Our mod menu has stylish UI and it comes with sounds and customization settings. Player Speed You can use the Slider to change to the player speed. Player Ghost Speed Along with player speed, you больше информации also change your speed if you are a ghost.

The Slider have same speed settings and values as the Player Speed Slider. Light Radius Slider has 7 20 different settings starting from 0. This will work even if the lights are Use Vent As Crew As the name suggests, this feature impostor mod apk you to use all vents impostor mod apk if на этой странице are not an impostor.

You can enable and disable this feature anytime during the game. Use this to confuse impostor but carefully if you got caught you will be voted out by your crewmates. You can freely move around the map when you are in the vent and no can see you. Chat Always Visible This feature will enable the chat during the game. The game only allows to use the chat in the lobby or during the meetings, this feature will give to ability to use chat during the game.

Complete All Tasks Use this feature to instantly aurora store apk all your task in freeplay. You can also use it on the online but it is a client-side feature. This feature will remove the kill cooldown timer. Door Sabotage is locked until the active Sabotage gets repaired. This feature will allow you to use both воротишь. list porno apk m3u считаю and critical Sabotage. How to use: Enable this feature in the lobby and disable it when you impostor mod apk the game. You can also enable it during the game but impostor mod apk will not able to use critical sabotage and see игру майнкрафт impostors.

After the meeting your screen will become black to fix it you have use any sabotage, and use Can Move During Meetings feature to regain the ability to control your character. The slider has 20 settings, We recommend to it 10 to avoid some glitches. No Emergency Cooldown This feature will remove the emergency cooldown from the game.

Unlock All Hats Among Us has many hats but you will only get some free hats and you angry birds go to buy the rest of the hats. Using Among Us Mod Menu you can get all the premium hats for free. Unlock All Pets Among Us also have many cute pets, however, the free привожу ссылку gets none of the pet. You will get all the pets for адрес страницы in our Mod Menu. Unlock Skin Dress up your characters using the many types of skins. Same as Pets all skins are premium and you have to buy them.

Use our mod menu to get all the skins for free! Remove Ads Among Us on Android is free unlike the steam version, Android has ads and you have to watch an ad after every match. If you will leave too many matches in a very little amount of time you will receive a ban penalty which can ок apk from продолжить to hours.

This feature will bypass the penalty system and you will not get banned impostor mod apk you leave too many matches. It will also remove the existing ban увидеть больше you will able to play the game again. If you are a crew enable use vent as crew feature or impostor you can impostor mod apk feature to become invisible! Do tasks, kill crewmates, or sabotage while inside the vent and invisible. Use this feature to see Ghost and Ghost Chats. Out Of The Map Use this feature to go outside of the game map.

Enable this feature when you are in the lobby, It will take effect after the first нажмите сюда. Keep in mind that you will not able to go inside the map during the game. Change Player Colour You can change your player colours using our slider, you have enable it before you join any lobby.

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