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Launcher 3 apk for Android

Launchers such as the Nova launcher lets you customize your smartphone as you want giving you a clean user interface. It brings tons of customization options like changing icon packs, number of grids on homescreen and app drawer, light or dark mode, etc. Just recently, the developers of Nova released a new Nova Launcher 7 update got an update under the launcher 3 apk channel with a complete launcher rewrite. Calling the Nova Launcher 7 update would be an understatement. This is the узнать больше здесь update the Launcher has received in years.

Launcher3 is the stock Android launcher available since Android 7 Nougat. This required much in deploying new updates to ROMS.

With the rewrite of Nova with Launcher3, you can expect it to run of latest Android 11, 10, 9 Pie OS updates seamlessly and also support its features like the gesture navigation out of the box. The app drawer has seen a drastic change, folders got new tweaks and a lot more. You can expect many new changes with the upcoming updates.

It is currently available via closed beta program. There is no ETA for the public beta or stable release. However, you can either join the Nova Launcher Discord channel, or download the APK from below new apk installer google launcher 3 apk it on афтар google chrome android tv apk весьма device. The latest version available is Nova Launcher 7. So stay tuned! Share this:.

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