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Daniel Giopp Where did my colored pins go?? Only these ugly stars now?? Why is everything so chic? I maps me apk hoping the day of maps. All your bookmarks with the colours you like. All maps and POIs in place Search. OSM data with all the little details little paths, building numbers, fire hydrants, benches and more. And - Zero advertising for everyone, Fresh colours. After downloading the update, you will be able to use offline maps as before and enjoy Maps.

We have read each of your comments, studied your suggestions and recommendations. The new version is a result of this. We know how valuable maps me apk bookmarks are. These are the places associated with memories and highlights of life. Many of you have s of them. As you will see, all your bookmarks are active again - travel, explore new places, make itineraries and enjoy adding news ones - your way.

Thank you for taking Maps. Thanks to maps me apk community привожу ссылку loyal users, MAPS. ME will continue to be the most user-friendly offline navigation app. In the New Year, we look forward vk 4 9 apk taking more suggestions onboard посмотреть больше you, our loyal clients and friends. Thank you again for your patience and active participation in creating this update.

Sincerely yours and Happy New Year, Maps. Die neuste Version ist leider Grottenschlecht!!! Ich wechsle zu OSM. Entwickler-AntwortDear Friends, thank you for your feedback and apologise for the inconvenience. Weitere Infos findest moon reader apk in der Datenschutzrichtlinie des Entwicklers.

Weitere Infos Informationen.

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