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The app offers hundreds of animated templates to create eye-catching stories. You can по этой ссылке photos and videos to any template. Share directly from the app to any social platform, or save a video to your phone. Today, the potential of social stories feels limited by what platforms are enabled to create. Mojo pushes those boundaries further and unlocks a new range of creative possibilities powered mojo apk приложение high quality animated designs. The mojo apk приложение templates were designed and animated by top creatives and are meant to perform on social media.

The first frames instantly catch the attention of people and the animations help viewers stay engaged until the end. It is hard to stand out from the crowd on social media. Content can look similar читать далее standardised. Mojo breaks those limitations and makes social stories impossible to skip. The app is free to install. No account needed. Download mojo and start creating your own animated stories. Choose one from the hundreds of templates that mojo offers. Every month new templates and text styles are added mojo apk приложение the app so your stories can stay differentiated and relevant.

Customize the story to your linking. Ссылка на страницу photos, videos, music, stickers, text effects, animated backgrounds, logos, or even create several pages at once. You can also edit colors, посмотреть еще, timings, etc. Share your story directly from the app to Instagram stories or to any other social platform. Or even save a video to your phone. No commitment required. Cancel anytime. Wanna get the latest news about mojo?

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