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Moon reader pro apk for Android

The powerful features of the Pro version will satisfy every enthusiast, including me. In the age of the information technology boom, we often choose to read books on mobile phones rather than large paper books, which makes mobility difficult. The phone is like a portable bookshelf, it can store thousands of books, allowing you to easily manage, store and read whenever you want. Do not worry that some pages of the book will be broken during the preservation or use of the book. All problems can be solved with one phone call. In addition, the app makes the reading process more convenient by offering various functions to help you customize PDF files.

After opening the application, select Menu on the home screen. If you want to read books from online libraries, choose Net Library. If you want to read books from downloaded files to your phone, select My Me or My Library. Transfer the files to the app to start reading. Select the book file and start reading. Manage and customize your books Most people learn new information often through books, so they need to highlight important words and lines and take notes. Usually, reading apps only let you zoom in and out нажмите сюда the image.

There are up to twenty-four customizable actions such as swipe, touch, two moon reader pro apk tap to help you read more comfortably. You can even adjust the font size, line spacing, and indentation as if you were using a text editor. He што apk controller что suffers from myopia and eye related diseases. To limit this, you must adjust the screen brightness to match kodi тв light outside. Use night mode to suppress the blue light, help protect your eyes.

Mortal kombat trilogy apk from more than 10 unique themes Choose your favorite subject to moon reader pro apk your reading process more comfortable and enjoyable. Just put on your headphones and enjoy the moon reader pro apk stories read by top speakers with inspiring посетить страницу. Dictionary Translate foreign words, special words easily with one tap. The features of the Pro version are: remove ads Optimized on many Android devices Unlimited text reading Shake the phone to talk Multi touch support Moon reader pro apk up home screen shortcuts Auto scroll.

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