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Mozilla focus apk for Android

Firefox Focus is a mobile browser that ensures your privacy. The application automatically blocks many online trackers. The application easily surfs the web while blocking a massive variety of third-party trackers and cookies. This keeps your personal details safe from companies and advertisers while you browse the online world. However, Firefox Focus defaults to using Google as its search engine. However, it can mozilla focus apk the stress on your system resources, speeding up the rate at which your Android device downloads pages.

The application closes excessive больше на странице that generally run in the background of your browser. This quickly clears cached cookies within a few taps. Reliable Нажмите чтобы увидеть больше by На этой странице, Firefox Focus is a reliable and easy-to-use browser app that you can trust to protect your information. The application automatically begins blocking common web trackers before you review the settings and choose your preferred options.

Simplistic interface Firefox Focus is unlike the google services apk web browsers available from Mozilla, such as Firefox Nightly. This is due to the highly simplistic interface you use when running the app. Mozilla focus apk menu background is a solid grey with blue highlights on toggleable switches. Erasing your browser history, cookies, passwords, and trackers take seconds due to the easily navigated interface.

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