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This is a really cool game with a pretty good story. However, I think the player should be able to look around the house more. Every room is locked and I feel it could be good idea to open it more as hiding spots or something. I was confused as to why the player can go fishing. Same thing as ice Scream 2, Liz is very annoying. Having to persuade her and Charlie is an interesting choice but goodness it takes forever. Especially извиняюсь tv apk полная версия такого:))) Rod is chasing you so maybe allow J to hide so he can talk to them and be able to get them a little easier.

The guy at the information desk at the shopping center is mr maker 3 1 0 apk and funny but I would click the button and the mr maker 3 1 0 apk paragraph would be said even though I already heard the first one. Other than that it was really cool! I love these Ice Scream games a lot! I am excited for what the 4th one would be like. I think maybe what the 5th one could have maybe where he is back and he still wants to freeze us all. And maybe even has a second scar on his mask, that would be cool. And maybe Rod gets a second pet to stop us. And what if Rod makes a robot version of him?

Maybe Rod decides to make an army of robots of him Maybe they mobile apk glowing red eyes? And maybe where we have to save our friends before he turns them into ice cream. Idea for Episode 4: We get sent to a secret lab location that Rod has to keep us and we need to get out of it and help each friend and try to stop Rod. What if he kept his ingredients for his ice cream in his truck so he is able to try again.

I hope these ideas can get you some ideas of what to do with Episode 4 and maybe even Episode 5. I love the story, the plot, the characters, the нажмите чтобы узнать больше, everything!!! When Игру lost jewels crush apk would try to move my screen slightly up, it would make my screen look all the way up as well as when I would try to look around it would do the same. Thank you for reading this!!! Developer ResponseHello! Thank you for sharing your opinions. No Details Provided The developer will be required to provide privacy details when they mr maker 3 1 0 apk their next app update.

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