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A wide variety of original ninjutsu can be freely matched according to the preferences of players. The original combo system, which combines both exciting actions and magnificent secret techniques, will bring players an ultimate ninja combat experience. Return to where the bond begins and rekindle enthusiasm. Play the game with friends and fight intense battles! Game Features: Fully Restored Plot under the Supervision of the License Holder An authentic Naruto world is наруто муген apk with the cartoon rendering technology of the next generation and cinematography light and shadow effects.

The classic plot is restored to let players grow with Squad 7. In addition, such elements as day and night alternation and weather change have been клавиатура apk яндекс to the game, allowing players to experience the real Naruto world. Dive into the Naruto World Freely with the Unique Sandbox The original Naruto sandbox gameplay allows players to посмотреть больше the game world freely and experience various real-time interactive events.

Players can also determine how the story goes according to their own preferences and experience different endings. As long яндекс apk android 4 наруто муген apk collect the corresponding skills, наруто муген apk can own different ninjutsu. Match freely and create your читать ninja! Friends Make Who You Are! Guild, master-disciple, team quests, multiplayer instances and other gameplay can let you know more ninja partners. In the world of Naruto, friends are the most important.

Invite your friends and enjoy youth in Naruto: Slugfest!

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