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For the time being, you have to complete missions to collect RP points and rank up, so you will hardly be able to get RP points without carrying out missions in PUBG Mobile. The Royale Pass comes bundled with a total of four daily missions and each of them will give up next rp apk могу dev settings apk на флешку вас RP нажмите чтобы перейти. All the daily missions are set to expire after 72 hours and you can change a daily mission once at most. Royale Pass comes bundled with a total of four daily missions and each of them will give up to 30 RP points.

You receive 10 RP points from the system when you log into PUBG Mobile then you can claim another 90 RP points once you have three daily missions completed, not to mention 1 RP point that can be earned easily by completing next rp apk basic missions per day. Check out the daily missions in the Royale Pass section as soon as possible!

That said, по ссылке missions are actually not easy to complete as compared to daily missions but you will get your hands on more RP points and rank up faster once done. You can keep up with next rp apk special missions and claim up to RP points within just a few days. You can claim посмотреть еще to RP points next rp apk just a few days.

Speaking of RP Mission Cards, they do a great job of helping you if you use them properly. Sometimes when you reach a certain Royale Pass level, these Mission Cards are available as a reward to compensate for your effort. Otherwise, you can pay a visit to the BP in-game store to purchase them in a matter of seconds. Each Mission Card sets you back 5, BP and you cannot buy more than 5 cards per week. As aforementioned above, you can redeem a reward, such as skins, emotes, gold coins, RP cards, etc. Just try your best to handle all the Daily and Challenge missions in time to get this extra bonus. The one and only way to earn more and more RP points is nothing but next rp apk work hard then your effort will be paid off soon!

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