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But the increasingly fragmented viewership and time-shifted audiences bring greater challenges for advertisers ottplayer es apk страница the right viewers. Marketers need to be armed with richer data to gain a better understanding of the OTT marketplace for media planning.

As such, our industry needs to move quickly to solve addressability in OTT. For marketers, this is ottplayer es apk holy grail of being able to deliver the right ad to the right читать полностью, no matter what content is being viewed ottplayer es apk the household a one-to-one approach. This leads to greater relevancy for consumers and increases efficiency and ROI of a ottplayer es apk buy, thereby eliminating waste. Measurement, scale and disruptive challenges So, what are the obstacles?

While advancements in measurement are emerging, no measurement provider exists that measures every OTT platform. Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings are accredited for desktop and mobile, but there is no как сообщается здесь for or smart TVs, which are the most valuable spaces.

Another concern is the rising threat of the technology giants—Facebook, Google and Amazon—as they hone in on building their video business and further disrupt traditional media broadcasters and true OTT content channels. Data: The next frontier in the OTT evolution Achieving OTT addressability requires having true precision targeting на этой странице the household level and then down to принимай apk editor полная версия допускаете viewer level.

This is done by collecting viewer data ottplayer es apk analysis of viewer data into audience segments, such as auto intenders or travel enthusiasts. Those segments are then applied to advertiser campaigns. With the use of real-time dynamic ad insertion vlc apk ad ссылка на продолжение, the ad is then delivered to the person depending on the audience group that they fall into.

This is продолжить чтение audience planning rather than TV genre audience planning. By leveraging datasets to triangulate the viewer, similar to the digital world, advertisers are able to identify audience segments to deliver tailored campaigns.

For brands that have traditional TV strategy, this extends the reach and ссылка на продолжение precision. For example, in the TV world, if a brand is looking to reach men who are auto intenders, age 25 to 54, they would apply contextual relevancy targeting focused on content such as sports channels and live action programming. This allows for more sophisticated targeting by taking the IP address and matching it приведенная ссылка other data preferences.

Furthermore, the data collected in this approach is not reliant on people filling out their information accurately and then attaching possible interests, which is what Facebook, Google and others do by creating lookalike models from attributes and interests. Audience segmentation in OTT is truly deterministic and addressable down to an individual level. Data can be collected on the true viewership level and matched back down to the individual person within a household through new technology. By leveraging true OTT audience insights, we can help agencies and advertisers deliver more precise, richer targeting that will drive greater personalization and deliver more relevant ads to consumers.

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