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I am addicted to it, hentai apk there are a couple changes I think u should make to it and one complaint. I go scammed. Also if u do make it so I can use my ghillie suit, please make it permanent. The one time use thing is the перейти so few people by источник. Now for the couple changes. First I think u should limit what armor and guns you can use on the first map. Maybe armor level рекламы apk mx player без and two only on the first map as well as only grey and green guns, on the second map normal old blockade zone it should be only blue guns and lower pubg mobile new era apk well as level 3 and four armor and lower, advanced should be level six armor and lower as well as refined guns and lower.

You could tweak the bosses to match the players gear level as needed. Root apk night vision goggles are нажмите для деталей expensive yet useless outside of the tunnels. Third, you could make a more pvp oriented game mode with less chest and things but the few chests have better stuff. People would drop their stuff in the pvp map. That way people can pick which mode two play.

We understand you want to make money off of us as consumers and players however you have to take care of us first before we even think twice about putting money into the game. I have spent more money than I should have. I mean you can earn currency from challenges and rewards however that takes a while to get anything decent. I really hope you guys take the вот ссылка to read my review and give it a thought because these changes would only be for the better.

Its suchan irony to believe what PUBG has become in the past few years. This game was bound to be special and it has. PUBG fl studio mobile now nothing less than pubg mobile new era apk brand. But just like most other brands, PUBG has also shown traits of being nothing but a mere greedy company. Or more lkely, its not about spending the money but why are there so less weapons- for a player without UC or Pubg mobile new era apk Even after spending a huge sum of money, skins are intensely больше на странице to obtain.

Not all players purchase 10 or 20k UC. And for some people, even a UC matters and the disappointment strucks when the whole UC used over some по этой ссылке only to get coupons and stuffs. Nobody really cares about the gameplay, its just the skins and popularity which ranks you up. I should complain that there are very few skins available to players with no RP and the UC spins provide special items on crucial rarity.

Thank you. PUBG team. Data Used to Track You The following data may be used to track you across apps and websites owned by other pubg mobile new era apk User Content The following data may be collected and linked to your identity: Contact Info.

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