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Want to listen to Spotify ads? Then install SpotMute. Расширение apk with по этому адресу note below, I regularly get 1 star reviews with people not getting it to work, but few who want to help debug расширение apk further. If you experience issues, and want to get it fixed, please file an issue on Github, with as much detail as possible. If you are still расширение apk with the app, please consider that it is free and I maintain it in my spare time as a hobby, and that you might be better off paying for Spotify.

As the name implies, SpotMute does not block ads, it simply mutes them. Therefore it does not mess расширение apk the Spotify app, require crazy permissions or even root access. This comes with расширение apk limitations, specifically it can not mute ads after you skip a track, before the first track has finished. Tips: - SpotMute comes with a Quick Settings tile and widget for you to easily enable it. See overflow menu for toggle. To re-open SpotMute again, use the notificaion. SpotMute should work on all devices and Android versions! This value is device and state specific, but is set to a default value which should work reasonably for most people.

Unfortunately Spotify Lite is not supported because Spotify has removed the адрес страницы I use to detect ads to keep the app lightweight. There is nothing I can do about this. SpotMute is opens source! Only when you click the orange tile will the app access the internet by performing a http Ссылка request. This app does not collect personal data and never will.

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ништяг, все правильно написано. Молодец!
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