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You can easily find a survival game like Free Fire on the Google Play app store. However, the game we want to talk вот ссылка right now is called the State of Survival. In this game, you will have to go find allies, collect weapons, build bases to fight against zombies for human lives. Plot The zombie epidemic started raging around the world. They infect the whole city and quickly destroy civilization, the lives of people here. You look for your ally and state of survival apk the war against zombies.

Build a base of humans who bravely fight against zombie attacks. For the rest of the survivors in the city, this was the start of всё, программы тв apk мне. Troops and governments began to move all operations underground. Above the ground now belonged to hordes of zombies and monsters.

With courage, you and your ally use sniper rifles to fight off hordes of zombies with the sole goal продолжить чтение survival. Gameplay In this battle against horrible zombies, you will be given the role of the leader who is responsible for implementing combat tactics. Break down the boundaries and перейти на страницу the settlement to the vicinity, then upgrade to play in the next levels.

Instead of playing characters and participating in fierce survival battles, State of Survival is built with much simpler gameplay. In general, this game has the same gameplay as tower defense games. Players try to rescue the survivors to increase the number of здесь against zombies, repel the pandemic. Players need to master the weapons. Know how to synergize between the different state of survival apk such as snipers, archers, warriors, even motorbike drivers.

Your task force also has a special member, which is a brave dog. Graphics Graphics in the State of Survival are designed in sharp 3D. The game recreates the human state of survival apk in the future that will have to war against the pandemic. Here, only the deaths of people who bravely sacrificed to fight for the existence of mankind. Furthermore, the sound system is also extremely vibrant. Players читать comfortably participate in the wars with a solid mentality.

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