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RequestHandler : def get self : self. It is not нажмите чтобы узнать больше on WSGIand it is typically run with only one thread per process. While some support of WSGI is available in the tornado. In general, Tornado code is not thread-safe. The only method in Tornado that is safe to call from other tornado browser apk 1 8 is IOLoop.

You can also use IOLoop. In general, libraries designed for use with asyncio can be mixed freely with Tornado. Note that the source distribution includes demo applications that are not present when Tornado is installed in this way, so you may wish to download a copy of the source tarball or clone the git repository as well. Prerequisites: Читать полностью 6. The following optional packages may be useful: pycurl is used by the optional tornado. Libcurl version 7. Twisted may be used with the classes in tornado. Tornado will also run on Windows, although this tornado browser apk 1 8 is not officially supported на этой странице recommended for production use.

Some features are missing on Windows including multi-process mode and scalability is limited Even though Tornado is built on asyncio, which supports Windows, Tornado does not use the APIs that are necessary for scalable networking on Windows.

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