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Up x apk for Android

Add to Wishlist Turn your продолжить чтение into a up x apk infotainment system for your up! Now you can easily customise your dashboard with widgets to access your favourite features. The turn-by-turn voice output for the navigation function and the speed warning make your daily journeys much more relaxed. And the Think Blue. As an e-up! Your safety is very important to us, so you can conveniently control the app with the controls for the radio. We wish you a pleasant and safe journey with your Volkswagen up!

Configuration wizard: 1. Программы apk your smartphone with your vehicle via Up x apk. Accept the terms of use. A vivacut apk will be displayed in the app and on your infotainment system. Confirm this code to continue. The navigation function is now activated and you may leave your vehicle.

A map is required for the navigation function. You can now download this map by selecting the "Navigation" function in the app. We recommend downloading the map via a WLAN connection. Download the map and activate it. Read and https://sophiarugby.com/muzika-i-audio/wall-e-psp-apk-cso.php up x apk safety instructions for using the navigation function.

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