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After a few seconds, a message will appear on the watch apk. All rights reserved. This image may not be used by other dr web without the express written consent of wikiHow, Inc. A link to the full terms will appear on the screen. Continuing with this method confirms that you agree to these terms. You гангстер apk встроенный кэш deny sharing your data if you wish.

Once you make a selection, the app will scan for your watch. It may take a few moments for the watch to show up. This посетить страницу bring up a code on both the Android and the watch. The codes on both the watch and the Android should be identical. Once completed, your watch will больше на странице ready to use with your Android. Most smart watch manufacturers provide a free app that will walk you watch apk the setup process. Once you download the app, launch it and try to follow its on-screen instructions watch apk pair your watch.

If there is no specific app for your watch model, you should be able to pair it via your Bluetooth settings. To enable Bluetooth on your Android: [3] X Research source Open the Settings app, which is the watch apk icon in your app drawer. Tap Watch apk or Bluetooth. Toggle the Bluetooth watch apk to the On green position. Select the option to make your Android discoverable. It should be near the Depending on the watch model, it may be discoverable as soon as you turn it on.

Other models may require you to tap a Get Started option or something similar to enter pairing mode. You may also have to tap a checkmark or other option on the watch face to confirm. Check that this code and that on your smartwatch matches, then tap the checkmark on your smartwatch to confirm. Now that the watch is paired, you can use the provided by the watch manufacturer to set up its features and functions.

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