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Updated: Latest YouTube Vanced v While we перейти posted the latest version of YouTube Vanced So in order to get the latest adblock YouTube client, the developers youtube advanced apk published new microG v0. If for some reason the manager app does not work, here are the extracted APK files for individual Android devices. The latest YouTube Vanced Most importantly, it features Sponsor Block to remove sponsored segments. Go to settings by tapping on your Account profile picture.

Scroll down and select Sponsor Block settings. Enable Sponsor Block option. Download Updated YouTube Узнать больше v Note: You can still use the previous stable versions for better installation methods and flexibility from below. Also, яндекс навигатор старые версии apk multiple Google Accounts.

Download Vanced MicroG v0. It will automatically download proper config youtube advanced apk and install it on your device. It will also install microG version compatible with it. But first, youtube advanced apk microG and then YouTube Vanced. Download YouTube Vanced v YouTube Vanced Unlike the YouTube Vanced v The only difference is you get separate apps for dark theme and black theme for YouTube. Note that you will also need microG and maybe even Google Play Services installed on your phone. There are two versions for arm and arm64 devices. Most of the modern devices are based on arm Downloads for ARM64 devices.

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