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The OS version, however, remains Android There are no new features added to the phone through this update besides apk patcher power and network optimisations. The Apk смарт The phone has not launched главное kalley ru base apk топик India yet. The European version of the phone gets firmware version The update brings a couple of system tweaks including power consumption optimisations and the latest January Android security patch. OnePlus says that just like previous updates, this over-the-air Apk patcher update гугл apk последний be incremental.

It will only reach a small percentage of OnePlus Nord N10 5G users in the regions first, and then to the masses in a few days. Earlier this month, both the phones were made available in North America as well. OnePlus is yet to launch the two phones in India but there is no information on if and when it will apk patcher so. Both phones launched with Android If the report turns out to be accurate, the Android 11 update, whenever it drops, will be the last major OS update for the two phones.

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