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All thanks to the US trade ban. In previous years, the App Gallery felt like an afterthought, which is understandable given the dominance of Google Play. Now Huawei relies on its store exclusively, so is App Gallery in good enough shape for users to find what they need? I want to preface the bulk of this article by acknowledging that the App Gallery does not have anywhere near the level of support as the Google Play Store. Huawei is gradually ramping up developer support and attempting to attract bigger developers, but больше на странице have to temper expectations.

That said, the dearth of commonly used apps is hard to ignore. For me, work essentials like Slack and Zoom are notable absences. App Gallery simply links out to official websites where you can grab and install the APK app gallery apk. App Gallery offers workarounds for some Google and other popular apps. But you can still use Google Maps via a web link. Huawei is also clearly working hard to try and support those who rely on Google apps. Google Maps, Translate, and Drive are all accessible in web page format via a search in the App Gallery.

These can be added to the home-screen for quick access in lieu of an installed app. Not app gallery apk Android apps rely on GMS to function properly and these work just fine in my experience. In fact, even Google Maps app gallery apk when copied over. However these apps will eventually miss out on updates and therefore might not function in the long term. Out with the old, in with the new Shortly before the arrival of the Huawei P40 seriesthe App Gallery underwent a notable makeover.

Perhaps the most important change though is that the questionable apps that used to dominate the store have mostly been shoved out of sight. The App Gallery now happily presents its better known apps front and center on the storefront. As an example, the old app store presented an array of knock-off or imitation apps when searching for the likes of Spotify or Netflix. See the images below captured from October The imitation apps above are no longer found in the new store, but poor quality apps remain rife. Despite the improved visibility of popular apps, the store still has issues when searching. Some are still far too linked to keyword matches rather than actual usefulness.

App discovery is still the biggest problem with the App Gallery and needs addressing promptly. The Chinese company cannot conduct business with most US firms, including Google, except on the basis of a restrictive temporary license which перейти Quality of life features Huawei перейти been making strides to brings the App Gallery up to speed with more popular stores by introducing several quality of life improvements.

For starters, apps are now sorted into categories that are easy enough to navigate. This feature is just as easy to use as the Play Store. When it comes to app pages, the Продолжить чтение Gallery actually makes app gallery apk use of space for app descriptions, sharing, etc, than Google. App app gallery apk and reviews are easy to read, and it feels very familiar to discover other apps made by developers or to find similar apps. Huawei makes an attempt at app curation with best ranked lists.

There are also lots of categories to search, but the number of high quality apps is limited. Managing app updates, installs, and even APKs is a breeze. AppGallery scans your phone to find APKs, making easy to delete after installation. Another gripe I have is that the store occasionally serves up a three-second ad when you opening it. Especially not in flagship-tier smartphones like the Huawei P40 series. App discovery app gallery apk the biggest issue with App Gallery. On the whole, Huawei has done a pretty good job bringing its store up to speed in the past few months.

While some features, app gallery apk in particular searches, could still be improved, the app is a very serviceable way to get apps. Still, Huawei desperately needs to attract more major app developers. Ultimately the biggest concern for most app gallery apk is finding the apps that they want to use. I imagine this situation will improve with time, as Huawei app gallery apk a large install dream league soccer 2021 apk and is investing heavily in developer support.

In the meantime, Huawei app gallery apk trying a few novel ways to ensure that users have access to as many familiar apps as possible. However, this will be an odd and potentially jarring experience for general consumers who value simplicity and ease of use. More posts about Huawei.

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