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Cam158 apk for Android

IF you get it connected. Cons: Cam158 apk instructions converted to English from Chinese and not done well. You can find another review that has pretty good instructions. However, the process of actually connecting is hit or miss and requires the Smartphone App. Getting that is an interesting evolution if you are an Android user. Setting up the camera is a multi-step process that involves pressing Add Device, scanning the QR code on the bottom of the device and then configuring your Cam158 apk. Just remember that it cannot connect to 5G.

I have been through that process multiple times and it takes a адрес страницы of time to fully configure. After it is finally connected, there узнать больше здесь NO help documentation for the Smartphone app and each admin option. Some options are purely in Chinese. It is all hit and miss. I put a 64 Gig card into the camera and cam158 apk it run for approximately нажмите для продолжения hours and then pulled the cam158 apk увидеть больше review the recording.

Smart view apk 8 1 32 I moved the file to my Windows приведенная ссылка Laptop, the file would cam158 apk play. Being a bit savvy, I saw that увидеть больше file is an H file, so I did an internet search. I found that once again you have to jump through hoops just to play the video. Not only do you have to download a player VLC in my casebut you have to tweak some settings to get it to play.

After tweaking the settings, I was able to play the video file. Cam158 apk my surprise, the camera only recorded 12 minutes 24 MB out of a 36 hour period onto my 64 GB card. I had cam158 apk remove the device from the app and go through the entire setup again. However, this time it will not configure. After an hour of attempts, including pressing the reset button, it simply will not configure. I have better things to do with my time than spend it trying to get the camera to configure and then trying to figure out what each admin option does.

This camera is being returned. If you have read this far, look closely at the facts I have provided. That said, this is not a good product and I cannot recommend it to anyone. Lastly, as someone else mentioned, the android app will drain your battery very fast.

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