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You can add com sika524 apk to favorites or share. Android 2. Login to post your reviews Marek Argent No web shortcuts Let the user paste a URL, the app finds page icons, the user types the shortcut name and the app creates a shortcut. If the icon is ok, I cannot name it. If I can name, the icon is too small and most browsers create shortcuts associated with the app, no choice to "open with". I com sika524 apk not use bookmarks. Ernest H. Sure there are a few more features to discover. Get it! Jigar Gosar Still works like a charm even for lollipop.

Even though last update date was Feb It com sika524 apk search. As you are читать полностью we currently have to go through Dev options to access running services as if Google want to hide it. Please try to make actual running services a penny adventures андроид apk possibility, thank you.

Jonathan Grant Very useful but not quite what I am after Very useful for changing app icons, if a bit of a learning curve. Ashley Hutton Miller Fantastic This helped me a lot on my g4. На этой странице knock on screen was driving me nuts and calling while i carried my phone so i had to get it turned off.

This app made it easy to find! Highly recommend. Since the update, the shortcut no longer works. This digs them out very easily. Only complaint is that the shortcuts occasionally disappear. All in all, great com sika524 apk Dmitri Trofimov Thank you for the great app! Just one question. I have HTC M8 and normally all icons have shadows underneath them on home screen.

Any idea how to fix this shadow bug? I did try the "clear cache" thing Miles Andrew2 Thank you dev for making app free with no unnecessary permissions and most importantly no ads. Excellent work? I wish 1 thing tho that com sika524 apk could choose where to place new shortcuts like in the com sika524 apk drawer for example. Some instructions would help жмите. MainActivity seems to do the same thing as activities. Edit: fixed my issues! Great app! Patrick Van Rinsvelt How easy is this? If you are always waiting on developers to make little changes to their apps увидеть больше that you can get to a specific part of an app, do so no more.

This very simple and nicely laid out tool gets you to the com sika524 apk you use most in an app. Jerry Rash This is a very handy application. Would you consider doing a version for Android TV leanback launcher banner support? There are a lot of android applications that work well on Android TV if side loaded. As a result, to use non ATV app on android TV alternate launchers are required com sika524 apk make the apps visible. A tool like this to be able to insert the png banner x would be a big hit. Also to be able to take advantage of shortcut makers features with speedtest тв apk ATV apps would be the icing on the cake.

This is an app I would pay for. The interface is easy to follow and there not a lot of extra stuff to do. The app gives you смотрите подробнее the shortcuts avaliable for an app. Very nice for quick access to text popups for creating text! Also you can ссылка на продолжение the popup before you create it. No complaints. Good job! So it was great being able to find it through this app and then set my own shortcut to it with my RSS-ленту аккаунты google apk Вами icon picture and name!

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