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Need a smartphone holder for your CSL wheel? Actual telemetry data available per screen varies between different яндекс навигатор apk simulators dash apk on what dash apk data they actually output. Vehicle Page Once the RS Dash app is receiving a telemetry feed from a supported racing simulator, it will automatically switch to the default vehicle status page as shown to the left. You can change pages by tapping on the screen. To the left you have Dash apk and Water pressure needle part of gauges and temperature digital part of gauges.

To the right you have current lap counter, race position or game mode, fuel pressure left needle and fuel level right needle as well as a digital fuel level in the same gauge. Below that are the brake temperatures clean master lite the ambient and play apk temperatures. In the middle you have the vehicle status. Speed to the left, gear in the middle and RPM to the right and slightly down.

Clutch, Brake and Throttle percentage. Next to each wheel in gray is the tire pressure. Wheels will turn red when you have locked brakes ie wheel has stopped spinning and they will dash apk up blue with wheelspin. In the bottom left dash apk of the screen is the settings button. Race Page The race page provides a real time view of important telemetry data needed during a race. To the left you have the fuel statistics. The FUEL field at the top indicates the amount of fuel currently in the fuel tank. The Target Usage field indicates the required fuel usage per lap to get to the end of the race without refueling. Laps remaining dash apk indicates how many на этой странице are left in the race.

In the middle you have пост sms apk статья tire, brake and suspension data. The bars to the side of the tires is the amount of wear left on the tires. The brake icons in the center have a temperature shown dash apk, and a damage indicator beside. Suspension components damage level is also shown. Swipe left or right on this section to toggle between the dash apk views available for dash apk information. Along the bottom is the aero and engine damage indicators, as well as the current oil and water temperatures. Along узнать больше здесь top is the shift light indicator with the RPM shown below if device screen is big telegram x. During a race, the gap to the player ahead in green нажмите чтобы увидеть больше gap to the player behind in yellow is also посмотреть больше. Purple sector times indicate fastest individual sectors.

Green timing lines indicate a personal best time, red timing lines indicate an invalid lap due to things like track cutting. Timing Page Live Timing The live timing page shows the current посетить страницу, lap times and sector times for all opponents in the game. Please see the "Supported Telemetry Features" document dash apk a full list of game interfaces that support this feature.

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