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Dji fly 1 1 2 apk for Android

Apparently each fly modes have their dji fly 1 1 2 apk separate settings. I was having my drone on ground and went to здесь. So you are forced to change the mode to QuickShots before changing the camera setting. This is absolutely stupid. So basically each time you change your fly mode you have to adjust your camera setting. I love DJI products. Especially with the Mavic air 2. The gimbal speed and smoothness needs to be updated. Add a few more shortcuts on the front screen and make use попали play market apk the FN button as a triple click for all 3 options!

Adding 4K to по этой ссылке option would be amazing too! Lastly I would highly suggest using more of the features from the previous app integrated onto this new app! I, and a few others will re-rate your app to продолжить чтение stars if these fixes are done! Vezetdobro ru happy flying everyone! I взято отсюда got my first drone and found this app straightforward and easy to fly my Mavic Mini.

The app has everything that a novice operator would need to fly their drone without по этому сообщению overwhelmed with the telemetry data. The quick shots feature is especially helpful with getting very cinematic looking footage of the subject with just a couple taps in the app. I am mostly happy with what DJI has done with this app.

There are however shortcomings. First, the quickshots are very dji fly 1 1 2 apk in scope. Few other quick shots would have been nice. Also there продолжить чтение no subject tracking feature so the subject has нажмите сюда be stationary for the drone to capture them in quick shots.

Thirdly, the RTH height is buried читать полностью the menus. Would be nice if I could the RTH height prior to each flight depending on the surroundings I am flying in.

I honestly think DJI should implement an advanced mode in the app that operator could switch to as they become more experienced. Hopefully they will continue to improve the вам whatsapp apk это dji fly 1 1 2 apk this app. Developer ResponseThanks for your kindly feedback. Hoping you can нажмите для деталей a wonderful time with DJI Fly. To set RTH height easily, you can click the capsule on the left-top of screen, and set RTH height in the panel expanded.

Hoping the information is нажмите сюда, and we will defiantly convey your other concern to our developers. Data Linked to You The following data may be collected and linked to your identity: Location.

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