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This article aims to get contact apk you how to launch get contact apk use the Get Help app in Windows 10, and what is the fastest way to a human support agent. Open Get Help from your taskbar Another way to open the app is from the Start Menu, by clicking or tapping on the Start button and then pressing on Get Help from the app list. Читать start screen of the Get Help app In spite of appearances, the Virtual Agent lacks any human traits.

Most of its responses are limited to guesses based loosely on the keywords you inserted. Нажмите для деталей the screenshot below we tried to get contact apk ссылка на подробности on setting an alarm by using a basic instruction. All in all, we got the correct answer in the end. Get Help provides tutorials based on your keywords and choices After get contact apk what it believes to be the correct answer, the Virtual Agent asks if your problem was solved and whether it can further assist you.

Press Yes and you can insert a new get contact apk. Click or tap Yes get contact apk your problem was solved Asking the same question again can yield different results. This time, we were guided towards an article from the Microsoft Store: an app called Alarm Clock, so we chose No. We were then asked if it solved our problem. Some suggestions get it in the ballpark The key to successfully use the automated part of this app appears to be telling the Virtual Agent what to do. If you use the right keyword sthe Virtual Agent can help you with your Windows 10 updates. However, the rest get contact apk the answer we received was out of date, as it repeatedly яндекс еда курьеров we enable automatic updates, which are now a default feature of Windows Keep selecting No and then Talk to a person If you are trying to reach a human faster, this creates additional steps and clicks приведенная ссылка get contact apk, and some users may not want the trouble of interacting with the Virtual Agent at all.

Our plan was to ask about the outdated information we received from the Virtual Agent about enabling automatic updates. We selected Windows and then pressed Next. Choose the product you need help with from the list You are now required to Select your issue. Click or tap the arrow. Press the arrow to select your problem This reveals another list. We selected the Setting up option as a good fit for our issue, and we pressed the Next button.

Choose the option that sounds as close to your issue as possible You now finally reach a страница where you get нажмите для продолжения options, all enabling you access to actual people who may your issue.

Choose how you wish to communicate There are four options: Message a Windows Advisor — provides an answer the fastest, as far as we noticed, which is why we detail our experience with it in the next part of this article. The first available time for us 7 callapp mod apk away.

Ask the community мод apk opens Microsoft Edge to the Microsoft forumswhere you can continue to search for an answer or Ask a question. When we returned, the wait time was minutes as seen in the next screenshot. Darral Y. After thanking Darral Y. We rated maximum of five stars and were now offered the options to Write a testimonial and Accept answer.

After rating an agent, you can Write a testimonial Any testimonial читать статью write gets sent to the corresponding Advisor. Choosing to accept answer prompts another confirmation, before closing your conversation. This also credits the Advisor for helping you.

Click or tap on it if you have по этому сообщению issues. Solve all your issues by chatting live with Advisors We also noticed later on that we had received in real time an email for every reply received from Darral Y. This guide is in инстаграм apk way complete; we tried to show some examples we came across while searching for things of general interest.

If you come across other cool things the Get Help app can do, please do not hesitate to узнать больше здесь them in the comments below. Let us know how you feel. You may жмите at any time. For details read the Privacy policy.

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