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Hud speed pro 46 2 apk for Android

Based on gas price for a gallon or litre, MPG U. You can add an extra cost per kilometer or mile! Useful for all cost aware drivers and for splitting the cost between passengers. How long did it take to get from A to B? Speedometer records your trip statistics even when GPS tracker is switched off. Way better than just showing you a читать больше speed!

Presets only need a single tap and are the safest way to set the limits! Currently there are 12 modes available and we are constantly adding new ones. Speedometer hud speed pro 46 2 apk you the way to leave a note with location на этой странице even optional photo or audio note attached!

As easy as double tap on the big speed digits! When enabled and configured, voice coach will be telling you active track distance and duration as well as current speed and altitude. Speedometer for iPhone and cellular iPads. All in retina graphics. Speedometer will work по этой ссылке background if told so and will still warn you with audio alert when exceed a preset limit.

You can use other apps while speedometer does its job in the background! Speedometer never shares your location data with 3rd parties or ad agencies. Location data is used перейти for tracking your google android tv and recording the GPS tracks and never leave the app unless you decide читать больше share by means of a track export.

It always let you know when background mode is on and never runs in background unless it is apk iherb приложение told to do so. You can use this app детальнее на этой странице your iPhone as well as on any cellular iPad. Please note that as hud speed pro 46 2 apk all GPS apps, continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Drive safely, keep the log and notes and avoid paying those speeding fines! Our speedometer is the ideal companion no matter what journey you are going on! Ratings and Reviews.

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