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It is used to display some text on the screen. Formatting больше информации, like the position, size, color and font face can all be set with a combination of General meter options and the options specific to the String meter. X and Y : These control the position of the meter relative to the overall skin. So what we are saying here is that we want this first meter to be five pixels right of the left edge of the skin, and five ссылка down from the https://sophiarugby.com/razvlecheniya/provodnik-apk-1.php of the skin.

FontFace : This determines which font you want to use when displaying the string. FontSize : The size in points for the font. FontColor : The color for the text. StringStyle : Controls some style options for the string. We are using a Bold style. AntiAlias : Does font smoothing on the text, лаунчеры apk improve the display quality. String meters can also use the value of Measures лаунчеры apk the text to display, we will go into that in more detail in a future tutorial.

The last two options in the meter are what really makes this into a "launcher", and not just some text on the screen. Лаунчеры apk this case, we are launching лаунчеры apk application Notepad. We will go into much more detail on different types of actions and Bangs in future tutorials.

From https://sophiarugby.com/svyaz/apk-vzlomannaya-versiya.php Manage dialog, find the Launcher. Drag the лаунчеры apk anywhere on the screen you like. Rainmeter will remember the position any time you load this skin in the future. You can also right-click the skin to change other skin options as desired. По этому сообщению we have our first meter, and a fully functioning Rainmeter skin.

Clicking on the Notepad text will launch the application. Take a short break. The format of the meter will be much the same as the earlier one, but we need to do some things лаунчеры apk make sure the position of продолжение здесь meter is appropriate.

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