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Moodle app With the Moodle app, you can learn wherever you are, whenever you want, with these app features: Easily access course content - browse the content of your courses, even when offline Connect with course participants - quickly find and телеграмм apk other people in your courses Keep up to date - мегафон 4 16 0 apk instant notifications of messages and other увидеть больше, such as assignment submissions Submit assignments - Upload images, audio, videos and other files from your mobile device Track your progress - View your grades, check completion progress in courses and browse your learning plans Complete activities anywhere, anytime - attempt мегафон 4 16 0 apk, нажмите чтобы увидеть больше in forums, play SCORM packages, edit wiki pages and more - both on and off-line To access your Moodle or MoodleCloud sites on your mobile devices, please ask your site administrator to enable mobile services.

See the Moodle app documentation and Moodle app release notes for all the latest information. Thank you for using Moodle! We believe that software, especially educational tools, should always be open and free. We rely on our community to support and help us to continuously improve our LMS. Support our developers by making a donation. Feedback wanted! What do you think about our Moodle app? What else you would like the app to do? Let us know by joining the discussions apk без google the Moodle for mobile forum and checking the list of Ссылка bugs and feature requests.

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