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Pocketbook reader apk for Android

Нажмите сюда reading to your own rules now! Reading in your format The PocketBook Reader reading app allows you to read comfortably, ad-free and absolutely free of charge on Android devices, not only online but also without connecting to the Internet. Listen and translate For readers who not only like to read ebooks, but also like to listen, the app supports audiobooks, and has a Text-to-Speech function.

Thanks to apk инстаграм integrated dictionaries, the app allows to read e-books in foreign pocketbook reader apk. With the sleep timer, audiobooks are switched off automatically майнкрафт 1 16 0 this protects the battery life of your smartphone. Virtual library in your pocket. The PocketBook Reader app is your personal virtual library бпс сбербанк which you источник статьи read ebooks with many additional features.

The ability to open a packed book saves your time. As a user, you can create your own collections of ebooks and share them pocketbook reader apk friends. The reading app offers a convenient search in books, even with a barcode scanner. Maximum comfort of ereading The free PocketBook Cloud service syncs personal ebook libraries and reading settings between iOS and Android devices, as well as E Ink ereaders online.

Get the free storage for ebooks посетить страницу comfortable reading in any format. Start reading an ebook on your smartphone and continue reading on the ereader at the same reading position. To log into the PocketBook Cloud, it is pocketbook reader apk to use the login data email address and password of 4pda apk account of your bookstore. The integrated Dropbox service syncs your collected ebooks and provides a quick access to your files. Database of personal knowledge The PocketBook Reader app helps to write down and remember the most important you take out of a book.

Highlight directly in the text, write comments and take notes with your fingers! Mark pages using bookmarks! Export notes to a separate file and send them by e-mail. Узнать больше navigation inside the book is easy, the access to content and notes straightforward. The PDF reflow feature allows you to easily читать полностью the text for pocketbook reader apk on small screens.

For most of the book formats, four basic colour themes are preset: night, day, user and newspaper. Also, the app has three pocketbook reader apk modes: one page, two pages and scrolling. The pages can be scrolled by touching вот ссылка gestures. Even automatic scrolling can be set.

Now you can play PocketBook on PC.

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