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However, every rule can be broken. However, that does not mean you will be running traditional Windows programs like Photoshop, AutoCad, etc. The catch with jailbreaking your tablet is you can only install desktop apps specifically designed to run on ARM architecture. That means developers need to reconfigure their apps to specifically run on Windows RT. The conundrum is most developers that are reconfiguring their apps for Windows RT are offering the kinopub apk through Windows Store. Still, it is good to know how to do it. However, proceed further at your own risk.

Not only may jailbreaking void your посмотреть еще but it may cause Blue Screen of Death or other issues. Lastly, take note Microsoft has said they may disable jailbreaking in the near future, if they want to. However, thanks to a tool created by netham45 of XDA-Developers, it is very easy. Now restart your device. Let it boot normally until it reaches the login screen. Login and go to the desktop. Now you must wait about two minutes по этой ссылке the desktop before doing the next step. Once you run the file, rt tv apk need to follow on-screen instructions to do the jailbreak.

Simply follow whatever rt tv apk instructions you receive and you will have a jailbroken device in no time.

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