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However, they are broken up into five categories. Everyday transactions — You earn one point for your first ссылка transactions, two points for transactionsand three points for transactions You can only earn points on a maximum of 50 purchases per month and it resets every month. You can get words of wonders apk points per month this нажмите чтобы узнать больше. Promotional offers — Samsung Pay has promotional offers with various brands.

You engage with those promotions and earn points. For example, at the time of this writing, you can link your Samsung Pay account to Lyft to earn 2, points. The promotions change periodically, but you always earn bonus points for buying gift cards through the Samsung Pay app. Buy things from Samsung — All purchases on Samsung. That includes accessories, phones, TVs, and whatever else the website sells. This is easily продолжить чтение best way to earn points and how Samsung samsung pay apk encourages people to keep buying Samsung products.

Random actions — Samsung will occasionally throw points at you for doing small things. For instance, a couple of years ago, they gave people 1, points to make Samsung Internet Browser their default browser. Purchase points — You can literally buy Samsung Pay Rewards points for real money if you want to. You can buy points in the Samsung Pay app. The first is through the Samsung Pay app. The in-app rewards are divided up into two categories. These are a series of revolving contests. You spend points to earn entries in increments of ten.

It immediately spins a wheel to see if you win anything. There is no limit to samsung pay apk many times you can play. This is a good way to samsung pay apk small amounts of points that may be expiring soon. This section lets you turn in points for actual, real world items. This list changes much less frequently and are Samsung products the vast majority of the time. Some examples include a new S-Pen for 6, points, a wireless charger for 16, points, and a Galaxy Fit for ссылка на подробности, points. The samsung pay apk is rather simple.

Find a premium thing that you want to buy. Hit the price tag button and when the payment methods appear, select the Use discounts option. From there, select the Samsung Rewards samsung pay apk по этому сообщению spend points instead of money.

Buying apps, games, themes, etc is, by far, привожу ссылку best way to spend small amounts of points. We especially like using them on themes. We also downloaded Lords Mobile to see if Samsung Pay Rewards points are redeemable for in-app purchases. More posts about Samsung!

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