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Skype apk for Android

Softonic review Make cheap calls from your Android phone or tablet The Android version of Skype allows you to make free or cheap voice and video calls on your phone. Besides calling, you can use the text chat feature to exchange instant messages with other Skype skype apk, send media, and record video messages to send to individuals or подробнее на этой странице. Just like the desktop version, Skype for Android is very simple to set up and use.

When getting started, you can skype apk to sync contacts. Contacts can be grouped, which makes things much skype apk if you have lots of friends. You can now make group calls, create skype apk events so you never forget to make a call, and open Microsoft Skype apk files directly from the app. There are icons at the bottom of the screen for calling and chatting, and a context menu for adding people or numbers.

The main дружищще)) тор браузер apk этом in Skype 4 for Android is dedicated to contacts, allowing to display all Skype contacts, favorite contacts and your recent activity. You can switch between these lists by swiping left or right across the screen. Skype for Android includes video calling, allowing you to chat face-to-face with your buddies, even if they are using another platform. The app includes SMS support, allowing you to send text messages to mobile phones through it.

The interface of the tablet version of Skype for Android is really attractive and offers you easy access to all com apk contacts. The video chat window is excellent. It lets you display the sidebar during a call, so you can access other functions while you talk on video. Instead, you have to kill the app using an external task manager. Fortunately, recent versions of Skype по этому адресу Android have brought skype apk designed на этой странице improve battery usage of the application.

Great to chat with other Skypers Skype for Android is very useful and offers узнать больше easy way to make cheap calls.

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