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Pronoy Dutta Awesome app for learning different languages. Makes learning a real fun with its community and challenges. My only suggestion is it would be nice if we can review ссылка questions after sololearn pro apk a challenge so that we can rethink on our mistakes. Otherwise exceptional. Joe Rod Amazing app This app is the best way to learn programming languages easily and it is very entertaining because it has an ide and so many things.

Use it and you will know what I mean. Tin Nguyen Great tool for learning with your phone. Offline support is great! Ant Tat For total beginners. Gives you a clue where to start and explains some basics with the ability ask community for android 6 apk explanation.

Test questions are mostly too obvious. Also has pretty cool code playground and user made challenges. The last big updage added user cards which is awesome Kenyatta Madison Good for total beginners to the languages. Nice work guys! What I would like to suggest though is a few more in-depth exercises for people to engage in the tasks адрес than just regurgitate the basic sololearn pro apk of what they just read. I want to learn to code but no time to attend class. I decided to study on my free time, so i am very satisfied for this course.

Thank you. Sandeep Yadav This is the one of the хром apk sololearn pro apk приложение apk ever seen in my career. Also reading the comments is really helpful.

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