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Join our characters in their workplace, soothe and treat patients, create Your own stories, discover and understand the everyday routines of a busy hospital. Pepi Bot is a cute, versatile friend able to follow you around the building and provide взято отсюда help, to You and Your patients. Armed камера apk the latest tech, Pepi Bot is a perfect sidekick to Theme hospital apk full interactive stories.

The little droid will provide medical tools and even carry a wardrobe for all those moments when you feel like playing in style! Ambulance car will arrive regularly with new patients to take care of and new friends to meet. Only the most curious players will be able to find all the ways на этой странице treat their patients.

This offers an amazing opportunity to set up theme hospital apk full scenarios to take part in. Medical instruments, toys, and even yoga balls can be given to the dwellers of Pepi Hospital for the most unpredictable results. Apk vcr08 медеа to mention many opportunities to dress up your favorite characters! Dozens of cute, cheerful and unique нажмите сюда, pets, monsters, and aliens are there to have fun and join your playful exploration of the Hospital building. Weight and take good care of them! Each in his own unique way!

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