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It was ported to several other platforms over the years, including the I initially played it on, Sega Genesis. Theme Park puts you at the helm of your entertainment Your goal is to build rides and other facilities and keep your guests happy and profits high. Starting out, you need to pick your rides.

They lazy media deluxe apk the classics like haunted houses and water rides. Places to eat and purchase souvenirs are required to help you generate profit. You must also nice looking park grounds by installing water features and greenery. Employees are also essential to the smooth running of your facility, but you need to pay theme park sega russ apk fairly if you want them to work.

Rides will need to be serviced to keep them in working condition. Theme Park offers different modes that узнать больше the difficulty of root pro apk game and how many other things you need to worry about like research and stocks. Once your park is successful enough, you can sell it to the highest bidder theme park sega russ apk use that money to build new parks in other areas of the world.

I enjoyed this game a lot growing up. You can try this awards winning strategy game for yourself and let us know what you think. Review by: Tasha.

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