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Torque 1 5 58 apk for Android

Coming to Torque Burnout, you can both become a good driver and own luxury cars. Drive your car on the road to enjoy the feeling of speed. How will you drive to become a professional steering wheel master? Join Torque Burnout to help you do that! The game will give как сообщается здесь moments of relaxation and entertainment after hours of stress. Your mission is to control the car to overcome obstacles, defeat opponents to win. The gameplay is simple but also challenging for players to drive.

You are gsm installer apk only entertained but also learn patience and strategies when racing. How to play Unlike other racing games, Torque Burnout is not about speed but about driving technique. You will become a driver, perform in front torque 1 5 58 apk many viewers. In 1 minute time, you will have to show off all the driving hwcallrecorder apk 10 to get the highest score. Torque 1 5 58 apk can play in the tutorial to get familiar with how to control the car. When playing for the first time, you may experience difficulty moving on straight lines.

And then, the car will move on the rotation roads, requiring you to have super driving skills. Professional racer You will be the owner of the steering car to master the dramatic race. You will race against other players and beat them to achieve victory. Each race will be a torque 1 5 58 apk challenge, so you need to focus on controlling your car.

In addition, when performing, you can also burn your tires to take advantage of the time to score high. However, this also causes a danger that your car can explode and torque 1 5 58 apk your race. So drive skillfully to deliver the best performance. Racecar upgrades In addition to owning the car that Torque Burnout for you at the beginning, you can upgrade the car through each round. To upgrade, you will use your bonus to change your car. You can change the car paint colour, change tires, brakes to make your car more perfect.

Tires are the thing that you should pay most attention to because if used for too long without maintenance, нажмите для продолжения will easily catch fire. Torque Burnout MOD APK will let you own a series of famous brand cars such as Mercedes, Ferrari … Not only are professional racers but also continuously upgraded to become more подробнее на этой странице. Vehicle control system About the control of the car is also very simple, on the left side are two arrows that help you move the direction of the car.

In addition, the left side of the screen also has the gas and back ютуб apk. At the bottom is the rear brake so you can brake if you want the car to stop. Besides, you can also control the car by the steering нажмите чтобы увидеть больше and other equipment.

You can control the car in the direction you want, increase the speed or stop when necessary. With the simple controls, you can completely use them on the race. Torque Burnout will help you to be a professional rider, through the racetracks showing the class. You will have more skills to become a racer not inferior to other competitors. You can also own many collections of well-known branded vehicles.

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