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Videos from Facebook Watch and m. We are going to release a new version of our Chrome Extension that fixes the detection of videos on Facebook, stay tuned! We totally revamped the extension from the ground up, adding new features, fixing bugs and improving the interface. We are video downloader apk working on a new радио apk totally revamped Chrome Extension v6 that works with the new Facebook layout as well жмите video downloader apk for more 3rd party websites.

Stay tuned! We are also working on other fixes for the iptv mod downloader. Thanks for reporting issues and bugs! Take care of yourselves and your families! We send you our warmest greetings of this festive season and best wishes for happiness video downloader apk New Year. We fixed an issue with some Video downloader apk types: mobile links m.

The Downloader is now fully working as usual. Thanks for submitting bugs and issues. The new version 5. The languages that are coming это youtube pink apk нами are: Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Turkish Everything is still gta san andreas android apk Beta testing and if you notice anything wrong or android 4 4 apk to improve the translations, feel free to contact us.

Also the Firefox Add-on is being worked on and should be available in the next few days. We also wish our users a Happy New Year! The update also includes some bug fixes and improvements. Video thumbnails work with almost all videos now thanks to a new algorithm. We are having some issues with the Chrome Extension and we are working on fixing them. We also fixed an issue that caused the extension to be automatically deleted due to a false positive trigger. Mobile videos are now downloadable again. Thanks for your patience! If you are still encountring issues, please Contact us anytime. We finally updated our Chrome Extension to v4.

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