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Video live wallpaper pro apk for Android

Its purpose is to animate your desktop and make you enjoy working on your PC even more. The program has a clean, user-friendly interface that provides all the required information and steps that users must take to either use their personal videos as wallpapers or download other animations. Нажмите сюда app video live wallpaper pro apk recommends a few trustworthy sites that provide many backgrounds, live wallpapers, and even 3D wallpapers and animations. Desktop Live Wallpapers allows you to play your own videos as animated backgrounds.

But, you are limited to only a few video formats. It offers support for additional video formats, a new set of settings. The program consumes a lot of resources when in use This application for animated backgrounds consumes a lot of the CPU and RAM, in video live wallpaper pro apk with other similar programs. Even when idle, it still eats resources. Also, the app requires at least 1 GB of video memory to work without lagging. But, overall, this is a читать program that animates your screen with live wallpapers.

The best thing is that you ссылка на продолжение contact the developers if you face any issues, or you want to offer your feedback regarding Desktop Live Wallpapers.

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