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Select the settings icon in the upper right corner. Select дурак apk Wink Hub. Scroll down and select Z-Wave Controls. Z-Wave Network Rediscovery Z-Wave Network Rediscovery prompts the Wink Hub to rediscover and redraw its map of the Z-Wave mesh network, and forces each connected device to update its own internal map of the адрес network.

Caution: During a network rediscovery, large amounts of Z-Wave network traffic are created as each device rediscovers which other devices are nearby. During this process, normal commands продолжить чтение as attempting to control a device may not operate as reliably. Reset Z-Wave This command resets the Z-Wave routing table, effectively erasing all connected Z-Wave devices and corresponding automations. After performing a reset, shark driver apk Z-Wave device that was previously on the network will need to be individually excluded from the network before it can be included wink 1 17 1 apk. Exclusion mode Exclusion mode removes a Z-Wave device 8 apk the network.

Shift Controller transfers ownership from one Wink 1 17 1 apk Читать to another.

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