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Updates will be installed automatically if this option is enabled on your Android device and PC. Tap Settings. Wait for the update to complete 1хбет apk, then close and reopen the Your Phone app. Search for Your Phone. If an update is available to you, you will see an Update button. Select Update and wait for the update to complete successfully, then select Launch. You can also try this: Open the Microsoft Store. Select More … located next to your Microsoft account picture. Select Downloads and Updates. If a Your Phone update is available, you will see an Update yota apk 7 25. It can take a few minutes for the updates to be recognized by the app.

If the Your Phone app yota apk 7 25 still indicating an update is needed, wait a few minutes, then restart your Android device. On your PC, close and reopen the Your Phone app. In order to successfully link your PC and Android device, you should sign in to the same Microsoft account on both. Sign in with your Microsoft account. Check mail ru apk your Android device is listed under your account information. Review the email address under Microsoft account. How can I change language apk android instagram The Your Phone app will match the language settings used on your PC and across all your apps.

Close the Your Phone app yota apk 7 25 your PC. Open the Microsoft store app, check for updates, and download the latest version of Your Phone app. Restart the Your Phone app. It should now be in the language you downloaded above. You need to close and reopen the Your Phone app every time you choose a different страница from this list. Can I use more than one Android device with the Your Phone app? It is possible to link more than one Android device to the Your Phone app. This will create the link between your device and the Your Phone app. Yes, you can connect your device to multiple PCs at the same time.

On your second PC: In the search yota apk 7 25 on the taskbar, search for your phone and select the Your Phone app from the results. This would по ссылке both your Your Phone data and all other data on the PC. For details on creating accounts, see Add accounts on your PC. Can I use the Your Phone app as a non-default user or two phone mode user available in Korea узнать больше здесь You may encounter two phone mode if your mobile provider старый мегафон apk in Korea.

The Your Phone app does not currently support two phone mode or multiple profiles mode. Please contact your mobile provider подробнее на этой странице disable two phone mode so you can x apk the Your Phone app. If you have multiple profiles on your mobile device, the Your Phone app will only work if your mobile device is set to the default profile.

Does the Your Phone app support iPhone and iPad? How can I provide feedback страница the Your Phone yota apk 7 25 Select the Provide Feedback option. Select Suggest a feature.

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